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Graduate Testimonials

Residential Chemical Dependency Treatment Center

Positive ProgressionI was hopeless and lost all self-dignity, having been through several recovery programs. I never felt I was worthy to recover, being an 18 year meth addict. I came to Positive Progression and with this program I have been found and am no longer lost by the grace of God. I am working full time now, have my family back, full custody of my son and have already celebrated my 1 year anniversary a few months ago, (which I never had in 18 years of using).
Andrew A.

My son has been in and out of treatment and is now a walking miracle. I wish I found this program a long time ago. This by far is the most professional team and the place is nice and peaceful. I finally have found hope for my son and cant believe he is still sober.
Dr. P

I was a chronic relapser and nothing worked. This is by far the best program I have been to that really cares. Some places I paid up to $60,000 for one month and only relapsed. In this program there was special attention to my situation, before I always hid and fell through the system. The staff were professional and paid attention to my needs and situation that did what they said they would do. I am sober now and have my life back. I am so grateful to this program.

This letter below was written by one of our graduates who sponsored her and sponsor has been sponsoring alcoholics and drug addicts over 30 years and has over 30 years clean and sober:

Dear Deborah:
I was so happy to see you and see you were becoming yourself again. I hope you were able to get your hair, nail and toes done. Just the desire is a big step forward. Can you see that you are healing. I was pleasantly surprised to see Positive Progressions. If all the places I have seen this is one of the nicest. New, Clean, painted with thought, open space and so many windows. The area for your group to sit together is really set up nice too. I think it should be terribly important to you that they ad a group intervention about you staying. Most places would not consider that.

I can see only good from you being there. I read all the on line information on the home. The info. on Dual Diagnosis was great, have you read it? I will enclose a copy of just those two pages because that is where you are, pain and depression. These are very common results off such a shock as finding yourself in so much self-inflicted trouble. I am sure you know by now that it is the disease of addiction and how strong the feelings of denial are.

Staying there and receiving counseling, therapy and spiritual help and physical well being. Only “alcoholic thinking” would take you away from there. There is nothing more important than your stability. The intensity of treatment is worth so much more to you than meetings. You need to see someone’s eyes as they talk to you direct about you.
Love Laila

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